Meridian~Kessler Neighborhood
Meridian~Kessler Neighborhood
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Meridian-Kessler is located in IPS District 3 in which...
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On Thursday, October 11th, the Meridian-Kessler and Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood...
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Central Avenue: August 7, 2018 UPDATE
The following points have been delivered to MKNA courtesy...
38th & Meridian Farmers Market Opens June 7th!
The 38th and Meridian St Farmers Market will be opening...
Traffic Calming Measures On The Way
When it’s summer in Indianapolis, we’ve grown to expect...
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The City of Indianapolis and the Indianapolis Police Department...
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MK Plan Meeting Minutes, February 24 38th Street (both sides) between Central Avenue and Fall Creek The 38th Street (aka as Maple Road) corridor from Central Avenue to Fall Creek is classified as a two-way, six-lane primary arterial.  It serves as major east/west commuter route that, in 2011, carried approximately 27,212 trips between Meridian Street and Fall Creek …[ read more ]

February 22nd, 2013
MK Plan, Minutes, February 19


Steering Committee Minutes We briefly reviewed the process by which the Neighbor Discussions become translated to the ultimate Regulating Plan: Kathleen will transcribe her notes from the Discussions into a Neighborhood Plan Kathleen will organize the DMD effort to take the necessary measurements (rights of way, sidewalks, etc.) for nodes within the studied areas. This …[ read more ]

January 21st, 2013
MK Plan, Minutes, January 21


Steering Committee Minutes Attendees:  Mary Owens, Polly Spiegel, Scott Lacey, Kathleen Blackham, Jim Garrettson, Jerrey Finnegan, Alicia Byers A timeline for this project was embarked upon: Kathleen will continue to prepare the text of the Neighborhood Plan based upon the minutes of the Neighbor Discussions.  She will complete the texts of the recent Monon meeting, as …[ read more ]

MK Plan Meeting Minutes 38th St from Fairgrounds to Central Ave The meeting opened with a brief description of the efforts of the Meridian Kessler Plan Committee to hold a series of Neighbor Discussions in an effort to commit to writing the visions/wishes/goals for the neighborhood as heard from residents/business owners/neighborhood groups.  It was pointed …[ read more ]

How will the 38th Street Corridor look and feel in the next 20 years? Come Participate in a Neighborhood Discussion! Tuesday, January 15th, 6:30 p.m. Indiana State Fairgrounds  Farm Bureau Building, Enter Gate 6 & turn right Topics Include: Neighborhood Planning Discussion for New Zoning Overlay To be Adopted by the City of Indianapolis Dialogue regarding many …[ read more ]

MK Plan Meeting Minutes, December 4 Monon Corridor This meeting took place at Developer Town (5301 North Winthrop Avenue) with approximately 75 neighbors and residents attending.  Mary Owens (MKNA LUC Chair) opened the meeting with an introduction that explained the need to update the Meridian Kessler Neighborhood Plan, the purpose of the meeting, and identified …[ read more ]

July 15th, 2012
MK Plan, Minutes, June 25


Steering Committee Minutes of DPW Infrastructure Meeting Monday, June 25, 2012 at DPW Engineering Office Attending:  Nathan Sheets, Jason Koch, Natalie Derrickson, Jerrey Finnegan, Alicia Byers Using the document “Meridian-Kessler Long Range Traffic Calming Plan” as a basis for discussion, we began by discussing the general terms on Page 1. Note was made that the “specific …[ read more ]

March 16th, 2012
MK Plan, Minutes, March 13


Steering Committee Minutes MERIDIAN KESSLER PLAN Steering Committee meeting Attendees: David Vanderstel, our newest member who is the VP of Institutional Advancement of Martin University, a professor at IUPUI, and our expert consultant re historic preservation.  Also attending were Jim Garrettson, Tom Gallagher, Kent Pinaire, Mary Owens, Vera Adams, John Albrecht, Alicia Byers, and Kathleen …[ read more ]

MK Plan Meeting Minutes, February 27, 2012 College Avenue at 42nd /// 46th /// 49th Streets This meeting took place at the College Avenue Branch Library, well attended by 40 neighbors, plus 25 sophomore students from Ball State University.  The meeting began with Vera Adams explaining the design recommendations displayed by her Ball State University Urban Planning …[ read more ]

MK Plan Meeting Minutes, February 16, 2012 College Avenue— Kessler to 52nd The meeting opened with a power point presentation by Tom Gallagher introducing the concept of Form Based Code (FBC) and its use as it pertains to the Meridian Kessler Plan (MKP).  He described this effort as “a moment of opportunity” with FBC functioning as the …[ read more ]

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