Meridian~Kessler Neighborhood
Meridian~Kessler Neighborhood
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Land Use Committee Meeting
Monday, April 17, 2017 at 6 pm

Northwood Christian Church, 4550 Central Avenue

The Meridian-Kessler Neighborhood Association Land Use Committee will meet to discuss land use issues in the neighborhood.  All interested neighbors are encouraged to attend. 

Cases to be discussed:

Case Number: V-MSPC-17-11

3901 North Meridian (former United Way building)

By: Vision Communities Re Holdings, LLC  (represented by NDZA, Inc. – David and Justin Kingen)

Request of a Petition for Prior Approval of a Variance to:

  • Legally establish a 10-foot east side transitional setback of the parking garage (15-foot setback required).
  • Provide for accessory retail or service commercial uses exceeding 10% of the gross floor area and to provide for a single accessory retail or office use to exceed 5,000 square feet in gross floor area (accessory retail or service commercial uses shall not exceed 10% of the gross floor areas of the primary building in which the accessory use is located and no single accessory use shall not exceed 5,00 square feet in gross floor area).
  • Provide for a sixty-five foot tall transitional building, if new building is constructed north of the existing parking garage or one hundred foot tall transitional building, if new addition is proposed on top of the existing building to the west of the parking garage and having frontage  on North Meridian Street (forty-five foot maximum transitional building height permitted).

A copy of the proposed Site Plan can be found here.

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