Meridian~Kessler Neighborhood
Meridian~Kessler Neighborhood
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January 10th, 2019
Neighborhood Safety


The launch of has created a “digital City Hall” to allow residents access to various city services – many without ever leaving the house! In light of recent break-ins and other traffic safety concerns in the neighborhood, we have provided links to some of the most relevant to our neighborhood safety below:

  • Send a Traffic Complaint: Is there an issue with speeding on your street? Perhaps a sign has fallen or was installed in the wrong location? Maybe a light, vehicular or pedestrian, is malfunctioning? All these issues and more can be reported by clicking “Send Traffic Complaint” above. All submissions go directly to the IMPD for response.
  • Request Increased Patrols: Going on vacation? Observe suspicious behavior in the neighborhood? You can request increased patrols by click “Request Increased Patrols” above. All submissions go directly to the IMPD for response.
  • Report A Tip: Do you have information regarding a criminal or crime committed? You can send all tips anonymously to CrimeStoppers by clicking “Report A Tip” above.

The idea of “See Something, Say Something” is meant to improve neighborhood awareness and safety, not to racially or unjustly profile any particular person or group of people. Here are some tips on how to create a safe space for all neighbors:

  • Get to know one another. Meridian-Kessler is full of long-time residents and newcomers. Getting to know the new (and older) kids on the block is a great way to start a strong culture of community policing.
  • Get to know your IMPD Beat Officers because they are specifically tasked with the safety of our neighborhood.
  • Posting to social media before making an official report will not make you nor the neighborhood safer. When posting pictures of “suspicious” individuals or incidents, please be mindful that that person could be a neighbor you haven’t yet met. Ask more questions and make less assumptions and always call 911 if you feel immediately threatened.
  • Keep all windows and doors to your home and garages locked and keep equipment, bikes, etc. out of plain sight.
  • Keep valuables locked in your trunk and out of plain sight.
  • Did you see a weapon of any kind; knife, gun, bat, etc.? Get to safety immediately and call 911.
  • Did another person use threatening verbal and/or body language toward you? Get to safety immediately and call 911.
  • Did you witness another person impaired in public; i.e. unable to speak coherently, walk straight, etc.? Get to safety immediately and call 911.

If you have a particular interest in working with the neighborhood association on creating opportunities to engage and educate MK residents in regards to personal, home, auto and overall neighborhood safety, please reach out to us at!