Meridian~Kessler Neighborhood
Meridian~Kessler Neighborhood
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When it’s summer in Indianapolis, we’ve grown to expect a few things: humidity, excitement about the race and of course, construction. As traffic begins to divert from main thoroughfares into our neighborhood, MKNA and the City of Indianapolis want to keep pedestrians, cyclists and motorist as safe as possible. That being the case, the Department of Public Works has committed to the following traffic calming measures in the coming months:

Temporary traffic signals at:

  • 42nd
  • 49th
  • 52nd
  • 54th
  • 57th

Temporary speed tables at:

  • 250’ north of 40th
  • 250’ south of 44th
  • 150’ north of 50th
  • 300’ north of 56th
  • 200’ north of 58th

Temporary conversion of all way stops to two way stops at:

  • 40th
  • 56th
  • 58th

Learn more about how to report traffic-related issues here.

One thought on “Traffic Calming Measures On The Way

  1. The stop at 56th and Central should absolutely remain a 4 way stop. That is a major walk/bike crossing, especially for children headed to school or to 56xIll and Rivi. Before traffic on Central had to stop there, it was extremely difficult to cross safely. Cars traveling south crest the hill moving fast, and a pedestrian can easily begin to cross and be surprised be an approaching car. Drivers do not tend to stop or slow just because there are people in the road.

    It would also be an easy place to get t-boned when driving, especially when roads are slippery and the “takeoff” up the hill from being stopped on 56th is insufficient to race across Central in time to avoid cars appearing over the blind hill. We need to keep that a stop sign for Central as well as 56th.

    This plan is being sold as traffic taming, but it’s actually an effort to accommodate College-level traffic on Central. That amount of traffic is an inherently poor fit amongst our schools, but a good plan will at least help reduce some of the harm. We need to be very careful though, that this plan is actually going to tame traffic and isn’t just additional problems being sold as a solution. If the city actually installs them, traffic tables are a good way to tame traffic. But, replacing stop signs with stop lights will tend to make traffic move MORE quickly and be MORE dangerous. Turning 4 way stops into 2 way stops is obviously not traffic taming either. Seems like this potential mess and the supposed solutions need some serious neighborhood scrutiny.

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